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What Is Causing My Chronic Pelvic Pain?



I had abnormal bleeding in March (almost like 2 periods) and have had a low dull ache in my pelvic area/back since then. I`ve seen two gynecologists.

The first appointment, he said this was probably just a “fluke” and to wait and see how the next 2-3 months shake out.

Next doctor did a thorough exam and a vaginal ultrasound. She said it was normal. Only thing of significance was my endometrial lining was “thick” but sure enough I started my period 48 hours later. She wants to see me back if the bleeding persists (endometrial biopsy) or the pain continues (lap ? something.)

Symptoms: chronic dull pelvic ache (can almost feel my ovaries aching) abnormal bleeding backache intermittent hip/thigh pain heavy/clotty period

Ruled out: Anything thyriod related back issues (had MRI) ultrasound normal pap normal all bloodwork normal


Pelvic pain can be due to any number of factors that involve the anatomy of the pelvis, including issues related to uterus and ovaries, bladder, bowel, nerves, muscles and bones.  Narrowing down a diagnosis involves knowledge of your age, your medical and social history, your risk factors, etc.  If pain occurs along with abnormal vaginal bleeding, it is more likely related to a uterine or ovarian source, but not always, since many forms of stress can upset the regular menstrual cycle.

Exams and imaging (such as an MRI or ultrasound) can rule out major problems like tumor or infection.  Once a serious acute issue has been ruled out, it is reasonable to give it some time, since most benign problems that are of recent onset will improve on their own.

That said, keep in mind that this website is designed to provide general information, not make specific diagnoses.  If your pain is persistent or worsening, it is important to readdress your concerns with your doctor.

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