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hey doctor i`m a boy 20 years old and a month ago the doctors know that i have neurosarcoidosis but now i am on wheel chair because the diagnose was too late i`m taking prednisone 60mg.day and cellcept 2000mg.day and trental 1200mg.day i just want to ask is this treatment is good and is there any risks..thank you


Neurosarcoidosis refers to sarcoidosis involving the brain or spinal cord occuring in approximately 10% of cases. Neurosarcoidosis is often difficult to diagnose, which often leads to delays in treatment. Neurosarcoidosis is more difficult to treat than other types of sarcoidosis, which explains why you require very strong medicines to limit disease progression. There are significant risks attendant to taking these medications; however, it is very important to prevent the progression of neurosarcoidosis to preserve neurologic function. Because of the side-effects of the medications, it is important to find the lowest dose that effectively controls your disease. In many cases it is possible to reduce the doses of these strong medications once the disease is under good control.

Only time will tell if the current treatment you are on is effective and how much function you will recover. If this approach does not work, there are other treatment options. You are advised to discuss these alternatives with your doctors, especially if your symptoms continue to worsen.

Best wishes.

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