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Hardened Edema on Jaw Line



I just went to my oral surgeon for some swelling on one side of my jaw (and last check up since my wisdom teeth extraction that was over 2 months ago). He told me it was a “hard edema” on my jaw line. He said there wasn`t really anything I could do about it and it would go away in a couple of months.

He recommeneded moist heat. I was wondering if anyone had any other tips/otc meds to speed up this process. Searching on the internet has been fruitless and I would like to get this healed up ASAP along with any other information on this condition.



The hard edema following wisdom teeth extraction is not uncommon. It is the thickening of a layer of tissue over the bone that gives it a characteristic appearance and feel. It does take a few weeks, sometimes longer to resolve. Your Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon is right, moist heat does help relieve this swelling. Sometimes the only thing that works is the tincture of time.

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