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Lung diseases

Reticulo Linear Infiltrates



the result of my xray last 2009 was minimal irregular reticulo linear infiltrates on my right upper lung field area. My doctor prescribed me with fixcom4 and when i`m finished with my treatment for 6 mos i undergo xray examination again to see if i was healed. but still the result was the same... can you please explain to me what does irregular reticulo linear infiltrates means? is there any chance for my xray results to normal again? thank you so much.


Reticular infiltrates and linear infiltrates both mean small lines seen on an x-ray or CT scan. Many things can cause reticular infiltrates including scars from previous infections, interstitial lung disease, and atelectasis (areas where the lung is partially collapsed). Rarely, early cancers can also cause reticular infiltrates.

When these types of infiltrates do not change on x-rays done over time, then they are most commonly scars. If the reticular infiltrates are caused by inflammation, then they can sometimes partially or completely disappear. If they get worse over time, then additional tests, such as a lung biopsy, are often needed in order to determine the cause.

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James N Allen, Jr, MD James N Allen, Jr, MD
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