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Embedded Kidney Stone



Embedded 11mm kidney stone in upper quadrant of left kidney. Diagnosed via CT scan but unable to see on x-ray. I have bilateral kidney cyst and currently have a nephrostomy tube and uretal stent due to recent removal of 3 stones in ureter which caused infection to left kidney.

Is ESWL an option for removing embedded stones in upper quadrant of kidney. They will also have to inject dye into the kidney to see the stone before shock wave. I am not in pain from the stone. I`ve also seen pieces of orange crystal like things in my urine. Looks like tiny pieces of corn flakes. Should I check to see if this stone is break up first. Is renal ultrasonography an option for this?


There are many options to treat residual stones in the kidney. ESWL is an option if the stone can be seen on the Xray. Sometimes dye must be injected to see it. Alternative treatments include ureteroscopy or percutaneous nephrostolithotomy. Sometimes a radiolucent stone can be dissolved with medications. I would suggest that you review these options with your urologist.

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