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Lung diseases

E-coli in the Lungs



My mother has told me that her doctor told her she has e-coli in her lungs. I think that if something was severely wrong she wouldn`t tell me the extent of it. She has been on Tetracycline for almost 4 weeks now and her doctor just put her on Cipro. She was told to stay on the Cipro for 2 weeks and then they are going to send her to a pulmnologist if the cultures still come back positive. I was wondering what the chances of her surviving this are.


Thank you for visiting NetWellness. Unfortunately, it is not possible in a forum such as this to project what your mother's chances of surviving are. There are so many reasons someone can develop pneumonia, and those underlying conditions will impact greatly their chances of recovering from any infection, including serious ones like pneumonia. Wish I could be of more help.

Best wishes.

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John A Davis, PhD, MD
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