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Dental Hygiene

Dental X-Rays



My wife and I no longer have Dental Insurance. Because of this loss we just ask our dentist to clean our teeth since we at present do not have any trouble with our teeth.This last visit,after saying no to x-rays she was told if she did not allow x-rays to be taken,neither her or myself could receive cleanning or treatment thru there office. The dental office made mention to Fla law that would require dentists to take these x-rays. Is this a fact?


The ADA provides some general recommendations or guidelines for ordering radiographs. There will always be some variability among practitioners regarding the proper film order, but it is important to follow as closely as possible suggestions made by groups such as the American Dental Association. The ultimate objective is to take the films the dentist feels are necessary to make a proper diagnosis during recall or new patient appointments. Treatment without the necessary radiographs is considered negligence. If a patient refuses to have necessary dental x-rays taken, then the dentist must refuse to provide patient care.

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Constance R Kuntupis, RDH, MA Constance R Kuntupis, RDH, MA
Clinical Associate Professor of Dental Radiology
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University