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Small clear bump in my cheek



Just today, a clear blister-like bump showed up inside my right cheek. I have never experienced this before. It’s maybe an eighth of an inch in diameter. It is completely clear. It doesn’t necessarily hurt.

There seems to be a dot behind the clear pustule, as if this little dot in on my skin and the clear sphere is on top of it. The bump is right by one of my upper molars, which leads me to believe it could have been caused by biting my cheek.

This being said, I have never experienced a blister that looked like this in my mouth so I am concerned. Not to mention that it is extremely annoying to eat.

I read the articles “Mucocele” and “Things That Go Bump in the Mouth.” Both stated that Mucocele appear by the tongue and on the roof of the mouth though. Is this an exception? Can you tell me what this is?


From your description, this certainly could be a superficial mucocele.  Mucoceles occur most commonly on the inner surface of the lower lip, the undersurface of the tongue and the roof of the mouth, however they can develop anywhere there are minor salivary glands present.  This would include the buccal mucosa (inner surface of the cheek). 

Many times these will break and re-establish a connection to the surface.  If it remains and bothers you, then you may want to see an oral surgeon, who would do an excisional biopsy.  The tissue should be sent to an oral pathology laboratory for evaluation to confirm the diagnosis, however.

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