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Skin Care and Diseases

Skin Rash



Great idea for great advice. Have had a rash 6-8 weeks. Thought it was flea bites from our dog. Has kept spreading (some seem to run thru a cycle). Circular, some assymetrical, red dots, appear to be moist, start out a few in a group. They`re flat and usually "stand alone" tho some might "run into" each other. Then begin to itch. Then develop an inner circle (looks like a bite cause it seems to have a hole), becomes whitish (to my layman eyes looks as though it`s getting infected). Itchiness increases intensely. Then itching subsides. The white takes over the red circle and kind of dries out like a scab. None has totally disappeared yet, but when cycle appears to be over it flattens again albeit faintly red. Had rotator cuff surgery 3/23/11...used ocycontin, an anti-inflammatory drug, and now non-narcotic pain pills if needed. Known allergy to some of nature and iodine. Was taking allegra daily, then stopped totally, except for April tree season. Have history of morphia.


A dermatologist can evaluate this for diagnosis and treatment. The dermatologist will assess the anatomical distribution of the rash and ask more detailed questions. Bring all of your medicines, including topical treatments you’ve used to treat the rash so far, to the appointment.

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Susan T Nedorost, MD Susan T Nedorost, MD
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School of Medicine
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