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Skin Care and Diseases

Treating Moderate, Almost Severe, Psoriasis



I have a moderate (to almost severe) case of psoriasis, particularly on the 4 limbs but spots on the back, stomach, and elsewhere, and generally have used topicals, like Dovonex, to keep it in control – including the itching. My days of ultraviolet treatments ended long ago when they became more concentrated, powerful, and shorter and burned me. I have used Methotrexate pills and Clobex spray (the new design of the bottle is horrible and makes controlling the spray difficult and causes it to go all over) on weekends with some success, in conjunction with applications of Dovonex cream daily – but my body has been getting used to it. Unfortunately, recent Stelara injections failed. Any ideas to help keep those scaly patches in check and to clear up some areas and stop new ones from developing?


It is difficult to address your question since I have not examined you and do not know all of your history. However, for someone like you with moderate to severe disease other reasonable options might be the biologics Enbrel or Humira. A lack of response to one biologic, Stelara, has no impact on whether or not you will respond to other biologics.

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Neil J Korman, MD, PhD Neil J Korman, MD, PhD
Professor of Dermatology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University