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Good Face Cleansers for Blackheads?



What type of facial cleaners or masks do you recommend for a 59 year old, black-skinned female? I`m looking for a mask and/or materials to use that targets blackheads (tiny, dark pores).


Open comedones (“blackheads”) are dead skin and sebum that has collected in your pores. So, facial cleaners are important in that you want to get your skin clean but should avoid overdrying or irritation. Selecting a cleanser is a personal preference and doesn’t have to be expensive. If your face is excessively oily, you can use an oil free cleanser (i.e. 2% salicylic acid) or astringent. If you have dry skin or are prone to irritation, try a mild cleanser for “sensitive skin.” Many women think that the more expensive products sold in department stores are better. However, there are many commercial products available at your local drug store. If you use any cleanser or mask that causes itching, redness or irritation, you should discontinue the product and consult a dermatology specialist.

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