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Digestive Disorders

Pre CCK Gallbladder Contracting and High GBEF



After fasting from liquids, foods, meds, for 8 hours and (not a smoker) I had a hida scan today that produced a high EF of 91%. I was able to watch the scan on the screen throughout and easily realized that my gallbladder started contracting and filling my intestines LONG before they even gave me the CCK. Am I correct that this contracting and filling prior to the CCK should not have happened? Due to this early contracting, I feel that the gallbladder was not full when they did give the CCK. I suspect that it not being full would have made it appear as having a high EF. Do you agree? Is this likely signs of a bad gallbladder? I have been reading that removing GB`s with a high EF can be helpful. I have been having gallbladder type symptoms with increased bilirubin. Thank you so much.


I am not sure about the logistics of getting CCK and gallbladder contracting. But gallbladder usually contracts in relation to food but can occur at any time, especially if getting filled with bile or even under stress. A high ejection fraction is usually good. The low ones are what you worry about. It does not appear that the gallbladder is the reason for your high bilirubin.

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