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Why Are My Periods Becoming Lighter?



Dear doctor, I have regular periods but lately, I have been experiencing lighter periods than usual. While it would normally last 5 days, within the last seven months it has been reduced down to 3 and a half days. I am 28 and not sexually active. I have always had testosterone a bit higher than the normal level but my doctor said it was Ok and not needed to take any pills to bring the testosterone level back to the normal range. Now, my periods becoming suddenly lighter (for the past seven months) make me really worried as to whether it may be a sign of ovarian suppression. I would appreciate your thoughts about the issue.


There is a wide range of normal when it comes to menstrual periods.  Some women have very light flow lasting just a couple of days, and some have heavy flow for over one week.  Menstrual flow may change over time, for example with age or after having a baby, or it can be affected by medications such as the birth control pill or blood thinners. 

If your periods remain regular and there is no other problem with pain or excessive bleeding, there is no reason to think that there is any medical problem that needs attention.

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