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Sports Medicine

Right Scapula Pain



I am a 56yo male with r/scapula pain. I have had numerous xrays & mri`s that show that the shoulder is perfectly fine. When the pain starts it feels like a MMA fighter has me in an arm bar & is pulling my shoulder out of the joint. Last year I discovered that if I stay hydrated, the pain is totally controlled - I have no problem unless I forget to drink plenty of water. Any thoughts as to what my problem is?


Unfortunately, this could be many things and without being able to examine you, it is hard to say exactly what it could be. I recommend that you follow-up with a sports medicine or orthopedic specialist for further evaluation and treatment.

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Kendra L McCamey, MD Kendra L McCamey, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Primary Care Sports Medicine
Associate Director, Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship
Team Physician, Ohio State University Athletic Department
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University