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Pulmonary Fibrosis




I have been haveing lung pain,maliase,fitful sleep,night sweats I have had ct,x ray both came out neg can I still have silicosis


Silicosis is a lung disease caused by long-standing inhalation of silica particles such as can occur in quarry workers, foundry workers, and miners.

Silicosis, as with other interstitial lung diseases, does not usually cause chest pain but instead causes shortness of breath and cough.

Patients with silicosis are at particularly high risk of developing tuberculosis, so regular tuberculosis skin testing or blood testing is advised for patients who have been diagnosed with silicosis.
Silicosis is diagnosed by the finding of small nodules in the lungs on chest x-rays or CT scans; in the absence of CT scan abnormalities, silicosis is highly unlikely.

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