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Soreness after passing 3mm kidney stone



I went to the ER due to severe right flank, back and right testicle pain. I had back aches the previous week so I was going to my chiro for that. At the ER a CT scan revealed a 3mm stone moving down the tube from my right kidney. Everything else in abdomen/pelvic ct was normal. 5 days later the stone passed. It has been 4 days since then and I am still sore in the right flank and back. I went back to an ER & they did xray; all normal. Urinalysis showed +2 blood,which the doc said is normal after pasing a stone. The urine is clear & light yellow. CBC/diff blood test normal, no signs of infection. I do have varicose in my scrotum so did the stone aggravate it? How long should I wait to go back to doctor? Am I ok? I read that once a stone passes the pain goes away instantly. Is my situation abnormal? Please help if you can. I am grateful for your consideration.


After a stone passes, the pain may last for several days. You should continue to get better. It would be worth following up with your doctor. It may be worth checking to see if you are at increased risk to form another stone and what measures you can take to prevent stone recurrence.

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