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Sarcoidosis and IBD



I have two sons who were diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease 7 years ago at the same time, last year one of them had a cardiac arrythmia with heart muscle damage and scar tissue resulting in an ICD being implanted, they didnt know what caused this, now my other son is having liver issues and they are suspecting primary sclerosing choliangitis. I am wondering if they could both have sarcoidosis?


Dear Sir/Madam- The incidence of sarcoidosis involving the intestines is rather low. However, this is possible. Indeed, coexisting sarcoidosis and Crohn’s disease have been reported, but this combination is very rare.

Nonetheless, it makes sense to at least consider the possibility of coexisting Crohn’s and sarcoidosis to explain the unusual pattern of disease in your sons.

Blau syndrome, a genetic defect of a specific gene (called CARD15 or NOD2) is yet another rare disease that mimics sarcoidosis and typically affects children. Blau syndrome commonly causes sarcoidosis-like inflammation of the eyes, skin and joints, but can also affect the bowels. A genetic cause such as this could explain why both of your children are affected.

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