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Asthma in Children



My son was started on Singulair when he was 6yrs old when he had his first asthma attack and since then has been on it all year round for the past 5 yrs. Prior to that he was on zyrtec for his allergies.His symptoms seem to be fairly well controlled and has not needed to go on steroid inhaler.Since organs in his body is still developing, can this drug impact or alter his genes which put him at risk for other conditions like cancers etc.....What can I expect in terms of long term adverse events from Singulair.


Singulair has been in use for many years, and currently there are no concerns about long term health effects, or changes in cancer risk. We have many patients who take this drug for years with no problems. We do sometimes stop the drug if a child's asthma has been very well controlled for a long time. Asthma itself can improve as a child gets older, and sometimes may improve to the point that they don't need daily asthma medication anymore. If symptoms start causing trouble again without the drug, then we simply restart it. If you think that your son might be ready for such a trial, discuss it with your doctor first.

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Elizabeth D Allen, MD Elizabeth D Allen, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University