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Bump on Back of Neck



I have this bump on back of neck. It`s at the base of the neck, about a 1/2 inch away from the spine on left side. It`s been there for a few years now and never really hurt, but this past week it is really tender around the area and hurts. I was told by one doctor it was a lipoma but I heard they don`t really hurt that often.


You indicated that this mass has been present for “years.” With the change in symptoms, in this case the development of pain, it should be re-evaluated by your care provider. I agree that the diagnosis is most likely a lipoma but there are other possibilities. It could also be a sebaceous cyst (blocked gland) which can get sore when inflamed or infected. Again if it bothers you it needs to be relooked at and possibly biopsied or removed. Talk to your physician.

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