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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Gelatin and osteoarthritic knees



My 80-year-old father-in-law has osteoarthritis of both knees. His physician says that virtually all of his cartilage is gone; walking is often excruciating. Might gelatin supplements help his condition? Might anything?


I am not aware of using gelatin for treating knee Osteoarthritis. However, there are other therapies that may be effective.

Celebrex was released last week. This is a Cox-2 inhibitor drug that can reduce arthritis pain with minimal side effect particularly a decreased risk of stomach ulcers.

Visco supplementation is effective for some individuals. This treatment involves injecting into the knee a substance with some of the properties of joint fluid. Also, corticosteroid injections can result in prolonged relief of pain in some persons

Knee braces can reduce the loading on the Osteoarthritis side of the joint. Building the quadriceps (thigh) muscles also helps to stabilize the knee and reduce pain

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Larry   Houk, MD Larry Houk, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine and Rheumatology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati