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Omega Diet and Absence Seizures



My son was recently diagnosed with Absence Seizures though no one has ever "seen" him have one. I was reading about the Ketogenic Diet and find that too drastic. Have you heard of the Omega Diet? Would a lack of omega3 fatty acids in his diet effect his ability to learn? He is 7 and may have to redo the 1st grade. He is on Depakote and the medicine is making him whiney, mean spirited and sleep in class though it is at a therapeutic level. If adding fish to our diet would help--I`ll do it. I would like my happy son back! He only had 4 - 2 second seizures the first 6 min. of the sleep deprived EEG. Is this enough to make a diagnosis and is there something else? HELP!


The diagnosis of absence seizures is usually made by EEG testing. The standard treatments include Depakote or Zarontin. There are other medications that may be effective for absence seizures. There is no published studies in the medical literature on `Omega Diet` for epilepsy. Any diet changes that are used to treat epilepsy should only be done after consultation with a neurologist and dietitian.

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