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Digestive Disorders

Constant Hunger Pains?



Is there any kind of a physical cause that could make a person have hunger pains almost all the time? They are so strong they wake me up out of a sound sleep, and it almost doesn`t seem to matter how much I eat any more. I eat a good breaskfast and plenty of lunch and its usually not a problem in the morning, but then I start getting them in the afternoon and for the rest of the day it seems like I just about have to keep eating non-stop just to keep the hunger pains from coming back, they really hurt! I even started keeping food by my bed to eat in the middle of the night or else they wake me up, and sometimes they do anyway even when I do eat in bed. I never used to have to eat this much, this is ridiculous. Plus I have gained 15 lbs, and I do NOT need to gain weight! I have tried just drinking water (only helps a little) or ignoring it or concentrating on something else, but these are not little mini hunger pains, they are Major hunger pains that really hurt! Like I said they even wake me up out of a sound sleep. My family is sure I`ve gone totally nuts, they all believe overeating is caused by emotional reasons so I must have emotional problems. But I don`t feel like I have emotional problems, or at least I didn`t before this started tho it may GIVE me emotional problems eventually! Honestly I can`t believe I`m making this all up or substituting food for love or something else that is emotionally missing in my life or whatever, at least it sure doesn`t feel that way to me, it feels very physical and it physically hurts! Is it possible that there might be a physical reason for this? I can`t believe I could really be that hungry all the time but I can`t believe its all in my head either. Help!


There are few digestive disorders which are associated with constant hunger and weight gain. If you have persistent disgestive complaints or are concerned over your symptoms, I`d suggest that you see a digestive specialist to have the problem evaluated.

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Michael Patrick Jones, MD, FACP Michael Patrick Jones, MD, FACP
Director, Center for Digestive Motility Disorders
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati