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Bishop Prince J. Moultry.

Bishop Prince J. Moultry is the Pastor of the InTouch Christian Center. He is renowned for his innovative approach to addressing the overwhelming social issues such as gangs and violence that plague the urban Cleveland, Ohio community. He has received numerous awards including in F.B.I. Directors Community Leadership Award in 1995. Bishop Moultry is a facilitator at the Antioch Baptist Church’s Project Respect, a job and readiness and placement program, the CEO of the Greater Cleveland Jail Division Program, and Chaplain for the East Cleveland jail.

Bishop Moultry authors a weekly column in the Cleveland Life Magazine and is the composer of the first Roman Catholic Church Gospel Soul Mass. He will embark on a concert tour later this year.

The Greater Cleveland Jail Diversion Program is a court appointed program in lieu of a term of incarceration. It is staffed by social, legal and medical professionals who counsel, educate and support the complex needs of the participants. The goal of the program is to “empower men and women to reach and realize their full potential, and thereby become productive and contributing members of the community.”