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Incontinence Prevention

Urinary incontinence occurs when the urinary system can?t properly control the storage of urine in the bladder and its periodic release. An adult who becomes incontinent will involuntarily release urine before finding a toilet, and sometimes even before knowing the bladder is emptying.

While advancing age and certain unavoidable medical conditions can lead to urinary incontinence, there are some factors over which we do have control.

Treat medical conditions that can lead to incontinence

Diabetes – Left untreated diabetes can be an aggravating factor in that it is associated with poor bladder contracting.

Infections – The treatment of urinary tract infections or other malfunctions of the urinary system can also lead to improvements in bladder function.

Be aware of medication interaction that can trigger incontinence

Some drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure or mood adjustment, can sometimes cause incontinence in users. Seek treatment for the condition and make sure your doctor is aware of all of your medications.

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