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How Healthy Are You?

Assessing your current level of health is an important first step in learning more about your overall health. Once you have identified your health strengths and weaknesses, you will have the necessary information to plan for healthy lifestyle change. Research tells us that healthy people have greater satisfaction with life and healthy employees are more productive on the job. There is no time like the present to begin to learn more about your overall health!


Heath Risk Appraisals (HRA)

One way to begin is by completing a health risk appraisal (HRA). HRAs are questionnaires that measure your past, current, and family medical history. Reports generated following completion of an HRA provide useful information on positive health care practices and the areas which need some attention. Group and individual reports will provide initial information about changes that you or your organization might need to make. Taking this type of test provides baseline data for later outcomes measurements.


Where to Get a HRA

HRAs may be conducted by your health care provider or another outside organization. One of the easiest sources is the internet where a variety of online assessments are available for your use. A few of sources include:

Many healthcare insurers and benefit plans now offer HRAs to employees covered by their insurance plan. Investigating those available options is another route to pursue.


Getting Results

There will be a section within the report you receive which identifies those areas in which you are doing well and the areas in your life that need more attention. You may receive your results in hard copy or via email depending on the type of assessment you completed. You may want to bring those results to your next health care provider visit, or share them with an internal health resource within your company. Your health care provider and/or company health resource may be able to help you obtain assistance in making lifestyle and/or behavioral changes. Looking carefully at those recommendations, and learning more about each area in the “Topics” section of this website, will give you great information with which to start to make healthy lifestyle changes.


Wellness is For Everyone in the Workplace

Encouraging your employer to formally establish an assessment process within your worksite is a great way to begin addressing the health of the whole work force. Many associations, organizations and vendors exist which can guide you in establishing that type of program and related services.  Some of these may be found via the internet such as the National Wellness Institute and the Wellness Councils of America.


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Hope Through Research – You Can Be Part of the Answer!

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