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Feels like a hairball!



I have had a feeling like some hair is caught at the back of my throat for a month or so. Also, sometimes it feels like there is pressure on the throat – which is lessened a bit when I burp. The same thing happened around this time last year – but went away when the sun started coming out. Could this be related to allergies?


Sure, your symptoms could be related to allergies: food allergies. If you think about it, when the sun comes out the grasses and trees start to pollinate. If it were related to grasses and/or trees, you should get worse when the sun comes out. These symptoms are vague and can be associated with many disorders. It is possible that you scratched you throat with a foreign body (fish bone, chicken bone, etc). These symptoms could be associated with thyroid disease or a tumor in the throat/voice box area. Most likely these symptoms are related to acid reflux. This condition is associated with a foreign body sensation in the throat, occasional throat pain, occasional hoarseness, frequent throat clearing, a sour or acid taste in the throat, cough and even asthma. It is interesting that indigestion and heartburn are not commonly complained of. Because the symptoms are so vague and can be associated with serious problems, I recommend being seen be a physician and possibly by an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. The Ear, Nose and Throat doctor can visualize the lower throat and voice box area to make sure that there are no serious problems.

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