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05/04/2000 10:42PM


My daughter who is 11 years old, has pulled out quite a few eyelashes and has made a small bald spot on her eyelid. Will they ever grow back? Is there something I can do to help them grow back?


Your question gave me the opportunity to review my old anatomy notes; and here is what I was taught:

The average life of an eyelash is 3 to 5 months; after that, it falls out and a new one grows back in. If an eyelash is pulled out, its replacement reaches full length in about 2 months. If eyelashes are cut, full growth usually occurs within 2 weeks.

So, in response to your question, pulling out eyelashes causes no permanent harm to the base of the eyelash unless bleeding occurs (bleeding may cause scarring in the eyelid, and therefore impede the eyelash`s natural growth rate). But I do not know of any treatment that can help eyelashes grow back faster than nature`s own timetable.

Thank you for submitting such an interesting question to me.

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