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Can I Get HIV From Sucking On A Womans Breast?



I sucked and kissed a woman’s breast (who I do not know and cannot find again). To my knowlegde she was not pregnat or breast feeding. Is there anyway I could have contracted HIV? And is there anyway she could have had breast milk if I touched her breast and did not feel any liquid? If she had breast milk how much would it take to get infected and was there any other STD I could have gotten?


If all you did was suck the beast of a non-lactating woman, then you have nothing to worry about. It is true that HIV is present in small amounts in the breast milk of HIV infected women who have just delivered. It is for this reason that such women are counseled not to breast feed their infants if a supply of infant formula and clean water is available. How much milk would be needed to infect an infant is not known, but it is probably not a cumulative effect. It is known that infants have contracted HIV from breast feeding. The chance of this happening is probably related to a number of factors, including whether the mother is taking HIV medication, how well the medication is working, if she is otherwise ill, and if the infant has mouth sores. To my knowledge there has never been a case of HIV transmission reported due to an adult sucking on the breast of an HIV positive woman.

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