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Is muscle spasticity found in Parkinson`s ?



My dear friend with Parkinsons says she is “Still having a lot of `off` time and muscle knots in my buttocks and backs of my upper legs.The `offs` I can tolerate but those knots in my legs and buttocks are so uncomfortable. It`s like sitting on marbles. UGH!!!”

Is this symptom found in Parkinson`s? Could this be muscle spasticity and could be relieved by Baclofen or something else?


This symptom is described as dystonia and usually happen in the off state in PD. Treatment options include optimizing meds to reduce off time, Baclofen and Klonopin as antidystonic drugs, local injections of Botox to reduce spasticity, and finally surgery in the form of pallidotomy or deep brain stimulation.

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