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Sinus problems and vision

10/12/2001 05:40PM


Can sinus problems, even minor, cause blurriness in one eye? I have sinus infections from time to time and whenever I feel the pressure above my eye, that eye also seems watery and blurry. My sinus infections are usually on one side which is where the the blurriness occurs. I do wear glasses for close up.


Sorry this reply was delayed – we had a computer problem which is now fixed.

It is very common to have blurred vision associated with a sinus infection (which is called sinusitis). The sinus cavities are located directly behind the eyes; and when they become swollen, patients do have blurred vision as a result of increased tearing. This tearing is not at a constant rate, however, so many patients tell their eye doctors about a transient blur or unstable focusing ability associated with their sinus headaches.

When the sinus infection is completely resolved, your vision should return to its normal clarity.

Thanks for an excellent question.

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