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Cost of eardrum repair/replace



HI, I was just wondering what the costs are to replace an eardrum? I had recently lost an eardrum due to an internal infection of the ear canal.


First, I don`t know if you would need to have an eardrum replaced (tympanoplasty) and if so if the hearing bones would need repair (ossicular reconstruction). You would need to be seen by an ear doctor and have a hearing test to determine whether it was necessary. Second, cost varies greatly depending on a number of factors including: region, type and length of procedure, type and length of anesthesia, length of stay at hospital. I pulled a couple of my cases to give you an idea. For simple tympanoplasty with same day discharge, I charged $2000, the hospital charged $8000, and I don`t have info on the anesthesia charge. For cartilage tympanoplasty with ossicular reconstruction and same day discharge, I charged $4000, the hospital $12,000, and I don`t have info on anesthesia charge. These are only rough estimates to give you an idea. If you are considering the cost of the procedure you should ask the surgeon who would be performing it to give you specific information.

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