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Concave fontanelle



what would be the possible causes of a sunken or concave spot in a newborn that is 5 weeks of age?


The newborn head has five bones that are moveable. The purpose of them being moveable is so they can adjust somewhat to the size and shape of the pelvis during birth. If during birth the bones move so that they overlap this is called molding. The area between the bones is called sutures. Where two sutures meet there is an opening known as a fontanelle. There are usually two fontanelles (sometimes called soft spots). One in the front and middle of the head which is diamond shaped, know as the anterior fontanelle. The anterior fontanelle usually closes about 18 months of age. More towards the back of the head is the posterior fontanelle and it is triangle shaped. The posterior fontanelle closes about 2-3 months of age. If you child has just a small amount of hair it may appear that there is a sunken spot on her head. However, to be sure you need to contact your baby`s health care provider and have her evaluate the area.

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