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Premature closer of the soft spot

03/06/2003 03:50PM


I have a 6 month old son which his soft spot has grown together already and We were wanting to know what causes this and what could this cause if not corrected and what is done for the premature closure?


Premature closure of the sutures of the head, which includes the soft spot, is call craniosynostosis. The skull has several bones which are held together by fibrous tissue. This allows the brain to grow before and after birth. Over the first few years of life, the fibrous tissue becomes bone and the sutures close. If a suture closes too soon, then the brain will grow in the area that has the least resistance. The shape of the head may become abnormal. Craniosynostosis can be an isolated problem or it can be associated with a number of other genetic problems. It can involve only one suture or all of the sutures. Surgery is often recommended to allow the head shape to form normally. Although craniosynostosis is usually not inherited, you may want to speak to a genetic counselor regarding your son`s diagnosis. The National Society of Genetic Counselors website can help you locate a genetics center near you. Also, you may wish to speak to your doctor about having your son evaluated by a plastic surgeon regarding whether or not surgery would be appropriate. Also, there is a very good website with information about craniosynostosis listed below. 

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