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Overweight 13 yr. old Male



My son just turned 13. He is about 30-40lbs overweight. He has been seen by our physician to make sure that nothing medically is wrong. All blood results were within normal limits. I have been trying really hard to watch his diet. More protein and vegtables and less carbs. Also walking with him about a 1 1/2 every a.m. In a month he has lost about 2 lbs.! What can I do to help him. He doesn`t say much, but I know the weight bothers him! I am overweight myself, so I know how it goes. He has also developed breast! Is that normal? Is that Hormones?


In growing children, weight management is best monitored by a health professional. Make an appointment to see a pediatric dietitian with your son (please see links below). You have made some beginning steps – watching what you and your son eat and exercising together. Now take it a step further and find out from a professional what your son`s diet should consist of. Every child needs a certain amount of carbohydrates every day to function properly/grow properly, especially if that child is active.

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