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Bakers cyst

04/05/2004 12:08PM


I was basically inquiring about a Baker`s cyst because I was just diagnosed today with one. The pain comes and goes and I`ve had it for maybe 1 or 1 1/2 years. My orthopedic told me to get an MRI and bring back the results to him. He said surgery may be necessary. I just wanted to make sure this was benign. This isn`t cancerous, is it? Please let me know; I`m very concerned as I have 3 young boys to live for!! Thank you!


Baker`s cysts are not cancerous or precancerous lesions. They are outpouchings of the joint lining of the knee. They can usually be surgically corrected. Don`t worry, this isn`t a life threatening problem, but you may have some surgery ahead of you to correct your pain.

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