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Numb face

04/04/2005 10:09PM


My mother had been having numbness in her face for about a year in a half now. It is mainly on her right side of her cheek. It sometimes causes pain. She also has trouble opening her mouth.It is like a locking in the jaw. And trouble swallowing. She has had cat scans mri`s cant find anything wrong. Could there be something the doctor`s are overlooking.Could it be a start of a stroke, or Parkinson`s or maybe Bells Palsy. I believe they are symptoms like hers. But wouldn`t an MRI show that. If she had those diseases. Also, could you tell me what specialist she should see. As her Primary doctor doesn`t have a clue. Thank You,


It sounds like you’re asking for a specific diagnosis, which is more than I can provide online. Only a detailed history and physical exam by a healthcare professional can provide enough information to make a specific diagnosis. Please discuss your concerns with your healthcare provider.   It should be noted that an MRI will not show any specific findings to diagnose either Parkinson’s disease or a Bell’s Palsy.

It seems reasonable to be referred to a neurologist if this has not already been done.

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