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Lie bumps` / tongue.



I have “lie bumps” on my tongue. Mostly on the tip. I have been getting them daily now for two months or so. Help…How to I stop getting them or how do I care for them??


“Lie bumps” are caused by trauma (rubbing, scraping or biting) that removes the surface of the one of the fungiform papillae. The fungiform papillae are the normal little bumps on the tongue that people call “taste buds.” Most people, when their tongue is irritated, can’t seem to keep from rubbing it against the teeth to make it feel better (sort of like scratching an itch); however, this usually makes things worse. You might want to try using a protective over-the-counter medication such as OraBase or Zilactin. These materials act like a bandage and help to protect the ulcerated surface of the fungiform papilla.

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