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Effects of smoking on fertility



I would like to know if smoking could be a primary cause of infertility in women. I am a 31 year old female who has been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for 7 years. I have been to various specialists and there is not any other factor that appears to be significant enough to result in my problems with fertility. If I knew that smoking was the primary cause of my infertility I would stop. At this point, I’m just stressed and use this as an excuse to continue smoking. If this is a factor in infertility, could you be specific in how it affects fertility. Thanks!!!!!!


There are at least two known ways that smoking affects fertility. It can inhibit ovarian function and prematurely age the ovary. It has been shown that smokers have an increase in miscarriage when pregnancy does occur. Despite this and the fact that smoking has more profound effects on the body than the slight decrease in fertility, you should look for all the other treatable causes of infertility and not just attribute it to smoking.

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