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How does my health affect my work?



It seems like there are all these new programs at work to get you to be more healthy. Does it really make that big of a difference if I work out or eat right?


One effect of poor health on work concerns absenteeism. When an individual misses work due to an illness, they are unable to complete their job objectives for the day. In addition, co-workers may have additional responsibilities while covering for the absent person. Adopting self-care measures that reduce the incidence of illness (such as eating right and working out) is one important way to ensure regular attendance at work.

Managing stress effectively is a second suggestion for maximizing the positive effect of health at work. Research tells us that health care expenses are approximately 50 percent greater for workers reporting high stress levels. Sixty to 80 percent of accidents on the job are stress-related according to other studies. Approximately 40 percent of job turnover is due to stress. Clearly it is in the best interest of everyone to reduce stress levels for better work efficiency and effectiveness. Make an effort to learn more about useful stress management techniques for you so that the negative of stress on your job is reduced.

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Elizabeth R Click, ND, RN, CWP Elizabeth R Click, ND, RN, CWP
Assistant Professor of Nursing and Medical Director
Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
Case Western Reserve University