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Treatment for Adult with Sickle Cell



I am turning 18 next year and planning on going away to college. Until this time, I`ve been treated by a pediatrician, but now that I`ll be an adult, I want to know what kind of doctor specializes in treating adults with sickle cell anemia?


That’s an excellent question.

Many children with sickle cell disease are cared for by pediatric hematologists (blood specialists), but the specialists are often concentrated in large cities so children with sickle cell disease in rural areas are often cared for by pediatricians and family doctors. The same is true for adult patients with sickle cell disease.

In your case, I would ask your pediatrician to recommend a doctor who takes care of adult sickle cell patients. Ideally, I would recommend that you see an adult hematologist once a year. The hematologist can then talk with your primary care doctor and help with sickle cell related problems that come up.

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