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Bug bites that won`t go away!

12/11/2006 03:51PM


I have had bug bites since April (it is now December)and they haven`t gone away. They are quite itchy all the time and are on my arms, the nape of neck, and on a few on my feet. I have gone to see the doctor 5 times already, have taken prednisone, allegra, and have used clobetasol propionate cream and hydrocortisone cream, but I still have the bites. I am also takinig doxycyline as well…However, I still have the bites and they are still itchy. Any ideas how to make them go away?


More information is needed to help resolve this problem.  Are these bug bites or hives?  If you have pets you could be getting flea bites.  If these are bug bites then you first must identify the source and avoid further contact.  However, if they are hives which can sometimes look like bug bites then this requires further evaluation and treatment by an experienced allergist.   

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