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Lump on shaft of penis



I am a 20 year old male who has been sexually active with only one partner. Within the last week I have developed a small lump (approx. 1cm by .5cm) on the shaft of my penis just up from the base. The lump is somewhat firm while flaccid but when erect becomes more firm. It is located just under the skin and the outer appearance is a reddish color, and the skin has started to flake from the top of the lump. There is slight tenderness to touch, but it may be because i have irritated the area by touching it during investigation. I have planned to seek a physician if it is still present next week, but if you could offer me any advice as to what I may be dealing with I would appreciate it. Thank you.


Lump on the penis adjacent to the base of the penis is possibly a sebaceous cyst, which is an obstructed sweat gland adjacent to a hair follicle. You should seek examination, confirmation, and treatment if needed.

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