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Persistent itchy nipple



I have a persistent itchiness on my left nipple and I am 33 years old and I don`t have a child yet.3 years ago,I was diagnosed with Fibroadenoma-on my right breast and all three lumps were removed. And my gynecologist said that my left breast is starting to have mini lumps too.Lately(for about 3 weeks), I felt some sort of lump(s); that is of rubber-like sensation whenever I examine my breasts before and after my period.Please give me some advice or infos regarding my condition.Thank you for spending your time in readind and in answering my queries!


Persistent itchiness of the nipple is not a common sign of cancer. You may have just dry skin or some allergic dermatitis. You should apply moisturizing lotions on the nipple, you can also use the creams that nursing mothers use for the nipple soreness. If you see any skin/nipple redness or peeling, you must see your doctor.

Lumpy breasts are very common around the time of menses. If you had fibroadenomas in the right breast, it is very likely that you may have similar problems in the left breast. If these lumpy areas do not disappear after the menses, you must seek the attention of a doctor so that he or she may examine the breast and make sure that these are benign lesions and do not need any further testing.

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