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Bumps in labia minora

06/06/2007 01:02PM


Over the past 2 days, I have noticed some sensitivity on my labia minora during urinating, and especially after cleaning the area. Upon checking, I saw there is a white pimple like raised spot on my left labia minora, just beside my urine opening. It felt sore to touch. Slightly above this white spot are a few more slightly raised spots, but they are of my skin color. On about the same location as the white spot, but on the right side of my labia minora, there is another raise spot, which is also of my skin color. Apart from the white spot, the rest of the spots do not feel sore.

Are these spots something I should be worried about? Is the white spot a pimple? Or are these spots oil glands which are normal? Please help to put my mind at ease. Thanks in advance.


There is no way for me to determine the seriousness of these lesions without an examination. It is most likely a pimple that will resolve with time. You could use a warm compress to cause the pimple to drain. If it worsens or doesn’t resolve, you should seek medical attention.

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