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Inflamed tendon in my foot



I have been haveing pain and swelling that starts behind my ankle and down to my arche on the inside of my foot. I also have RA and OA in my feet. My doctor told me today that it is inflamed tendons that start by my ankle and then spreads out when it reaches my foot. He said that it was caused by walking on gravel and uneven trails. He said that I should not be walking on those types of trails. because of my RA. I still icing it because it still swelled. I have had this pain for a few weeks. I know that I have to rest as well. Should I wait until the swelling goes down before doing any major exercie for rehab on it?


Yes; it is advisable to wait until the swelling goes down before beginning an exercise regime. The one exception is that you could begin some gentle, passive stretching of the foot and ankle. But this type of regimen should be suggested and supervised by your physician and/or a physical therapist.

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