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Shadow on the left kidney



I have just had an ultrasound scan because my doctor thought I may have gallstones. Although my liver, bladder, gallbladder, and pancreas are all clear, I have a shadow on my kidney. I have in the past suffered kidney infections and had puss in my urine, which was treated with antibiotics. I am now waiting on a CT scan but I am quite worried about all this. Can you offer me any information?

Thank you


Kidney infection and lower urinary tract infections are two separate entities. If you had kidney infection “pyelonephritis” you should have had sever fever, flank pain and other systemic symptoms. In that case scarring of the kidney results. Lower tract infection with puss in urine does not affect the kidneys as much.

Nowadays, with the use of ultrasound and CAT scan we are diagnosing more subtle changes and or small tumors.

The CAT scan may or may not reveal any disease but it is helpful to put your mind to rest. If CAT scan is not informative they may suggest watchful waiting or other studies based on the findings of CAT scan.

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