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Root Canals

Biopsy of abscess



I had a surgical root canal today and the endodontist said that he removed a grape sized abscess and was sending it for biopsy. If the cells have metastasized would this be some kind of cancer? Also, the dentist said that I had little remaining bone tissue. If this root canal fails (the second one on this eye tooth) would I be able to have an implant? Thank you.


Usually the tissue removed from an endodontic procedure isn't cancerous. So, that shouldn't be a concern. Regarding the possibility of an implant, it is hard to say without a radiograph of the area. Most sites can be used for implants after healing. I would think that the healing process will fill in the bone in the area of concern. Surgeons can also graft bone in deficient areas. Talk to your dentist about this. Take care.

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Meade C van Putten, DDS, MS Meade C van Putten, DDS, MS
Associate Professor of Primary Care Dentistry
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University