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Benicar side effects



I was told that African Americans do well on Benicar, I`ve taken them for about 3 yrs. I started out well the first yr.I noticed on two different occastions (1)having a cough and my throat felt as if for a second it closed up and a second time maybe two yrs. later after drinking a tsp. of vinegar. I also have been using nasal spray for about the same length of time, twice a day within a 24hr. period and during the night not being able to breathe. I read that their are respiratory side effects with the use of Benicar can you shed some light on this. What are some other BP meds for us that I might want to try?


African Americans with high blood pressure generally do well on drugs like Benicar, as long as they are taking it along with a diuretic (water pill). Side effects are rare and respiratory side effects are uncommon. The side effects indicated here are unlikely to be caused by the drug, however, they clearly should be discussed with one's healthcare provider.

It should be kept in mind that when patients are on medications that have to be taken over a long period of time, they may develop illnesses not related to the use of the drug. The focus should be on determining the cause of the illness or symptom rather than focusing on whether it might have been caused by the medication that had taken for long periods without problems. This requires careful discussion with one's provider.

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Jackson T Wright, MD, PhD, FACP Jackson T Wright, MD, PhD, FACP
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