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Sigmoid colonic diverticulosis



I was recently diagnosid with sigmoid colonic diverticulosis,with the ultrasound backing up the diagnosis,i was put on 1500mgs of cipro per day and 1000mgs of flagl per been taking this since January 24,2008,still having pain,is this normal and will the pain ever get better?Exactly what does the diagnosis mean and does diverticulosis ever go completly away?My white blood count was normal . I Only have pain .


Diverticulosis does not “go away” but the inflammation associated with it (“diverticulitis”) can.

If your studies have shown that your inflammation has resolved, but your pain persists, you may want to ask your doctor if a trial of anti-spasmodic medication would be in order. These medications cause smooth muscle relaxation, and can help with the irritability associated with thickened sigmoid colon. Be forewarned however that these medications are also constipating, so you will need to be on a good fiber supplement, and drink lots of fluids, to prevent this.

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