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Recurrent fibroadenomas

03/21/2008 09:24AM


I have my third lot of Fibro Adenomas.

8 years ago I had lumps removed from both sides 3 years ago I had lumps removed from the left side (quite alot and from 2 sites) Now I have more and am having at least 6 core biopsy to see what`s there now.

Is recurrence usual ?

If there are a lot on the left side again, would I better to have a mastectomy and not have to continue dealing with this.

I am 47, fit & healthy.


These are probably new fibroadeomas rather than recurrences.  Although pretty rare, I have seen patients who have had similar cases to yours.  In one case, that individual did choose to have mastectomy because of the recurring need for biopsies and her anxiety associated with these masses.

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